achorbuddy-demo3The Company

Anchor Buddy New Zealand Ltd, is an Auckland based manufacturer of the Anchor Buddy / Kiwi Anchor Rider range of products. Started in 1995 by founders by Lou and Ruth West, many thousands of these innovative products have been sold throughout the world.   Lou, an experienced Kiwi yachtsman wanted a product that would stop him worrying about his vessel dragging when at anchor, and thus increase the security of his vessel – and after many hours on the drawing board, the Anchor Buddy / Kiwi Anchor Rider range of products was born.

From those early days the business has steadily built up over the years and is now distributed throughout the world.

In 2013, Lou and Ruth decided it was time to enjoy sailing in their boat (with their anchor buddy of course!!) and sold the business to Mike and Karen Stamford.   Their main challenge was to develop more distribution channels in other locations around the world, so that more people can experience the benefit of the Anchor Buddy / Kiwi Anchor Rider product range.

See Lou and Ruth in the Anchor Buddy video

Channels to market

Mike has worked in the marine industry for nearly 30 years, with considerable experience in product distribution. He understands how the industry clicks and is adopting the best methods to ensure that the market is fully served.   In summary his principles are based on the following:

  • Appointment of distributor / wholesale companies in agreed territories on an exclusive basis.
  • Distributor / wholesale companies will keep product stock, to serve and support the local market.
  • Approximate RRP is set by Anchor Buddy NZ Limited (fluctuates due to varying import costs)

Customers purchase from their local distributor / wholesaler.   Please note that customers cannot purchase direct from Anchor Buddy NZ Limited if a local distributor company exists.

For a list of current distributors – click here

anchorbuddyThe Anchor Buddy / Kiwi Anchor Rider Product

The complete range of Anchor Buddy / Kiwi Anchor Rider products is the essential boat safety accessory, a peace of mind purchase.

If you worry whether the anchor is holding when the wind gets up and you are out cruising... use this proven anchoring system to almost double the holding power
and feel secure when it blows. An Anchor Buddy anchor weight holds the chain and the shank of the anchor on the seabed. It changes the angle of pull
on the anchor, making it horizontal, which helps it dig in, rather than vertical, which raises the shank and is one of the reasons an anchor drags.

Key features

  • Nearly doubles the holding power of your anchor
  • Suitable for power or sailing vessels carrying 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch chain (6mm to 13mm chain).
  • A perfect remedy for short scope in crowded anchorages
  • Reduces swing considerably and dampens surge loads
  • Easier than setting a second bow anchor, no tools required.


Marketed in North America as Kiwi Anchor Rider