"It does not preclude proper anchoring practice but is totally complimentary. The two main advantages are the much greater holding power and, just as important, the decreased arc of swing..." S/V Mayling Brendon and Jo Neilson N.Z.

Sail boats, Catamarans, Multihulls, High winded vessels, Fishing vessels, Launches, Power boats...Even with all the modern technology and boating accessories available these days, nothing helps your ground tackle and anchor hold more securely like this proven, 2000 year old idea.

What is the Anchor Buddy anchor weight made of - is it just a lump of lead?

The units have been purpose-designed for correct balance and to minimilize any chafing of the rope or chain. They are die-cast in a compound of zinc and aluminium (mixed to prevent them acting as an anode). The components are the highest marine grade stainless. They have turned axles and stepped washers. They have an internal nylon roller. They are assembled with "Lanacote" to prevent any corrosion between dissimilar metals.

I have 3/8 all chain for anchoring, why would I need an Anchor Buddy anchor weight?

Chain is heavy - in a heap, a bag or in a bucket, but spread over the seabed, it lifts easily, especially in water. As the Anchor Buddy anchor weight is a 30lb concentrated weight, it is far more effective than letting our more chain. The forces on the vessel have to overcome and lift it, before exerting any significant pressure on the anchor. So it almost doubles the holding power and reduces the working load of the anchor by up to 50%. The weight creates more chain drag across the seabed, reducing the swinging circle of your vessel considerably. This is especially good in crowded anchorages where swinging room is limited, or when you are caught on a lee shore.

My anchor is hard enough to bring up now, how could I bring them both up at once?

You don't! You lower the Anchor Buddy anchor weight after you have anchored securely and you retrieve it before you bring the anchor up. It is a completely separate action. If you have straightened out the rope or chain rode by going slowly astern, it rolls down, or comes up easily on the internal roller.

Ours is a racing boat, so we don't want extra weight.

No problem! Just put the Anchor Buddy on board when you go cruising.

We use all chain when cruising in coral areas and switch to rope when we return home. Do we need two models?

No, the all chain model has a wide channel in the roller and can also be used on rope rodes up to 40mm.

What would be the difference in simply adding the equivalent weight of additional chain to the rode system?

The Anchor Buddy is a concentrated weight, rather than a similar weight spread out across the seabed. By adding more chain you increase the swinging circle of the vessel. The weight of this extra chain in the bow, can also affect your boat's performance.

My catamaran swings wildly and sails around at anchor, will it help that?

Amazingly! As the Anchor Buddy anchor weight acts like a spring or shock absorber, all the actions on the vessel at anchor are minimised. This is especially noticed on high winded vessels. An added advantage is that the rope rode or chain is almost vertical to the bow, with the Anchor Buddy anchor weight on. This prevents other boat's keels, rudders, or propellers getting caught if they come too close to your bow.

I have an extra heavy anchor and 30 metres of chain on my 30ft boat. Why do I need one?

Apart from being hard on your back and winch gear, the extra weight in the bow can affect the performance of your vessel considerably. The Anchor Buddy anchor weight is easy to stow in the anchor locker for use when it starts to blow. Most skippers use it when the wind is above 18 knots but an increasing number use it every time they anchor -for peace of mind.

I have shackled on my dive belt when it blows. Will an Anchor Buddy anchor weight be more effective?

Same principle! But an Anchor Buddy is so much quicker to put on, or take off, if you have to move the boat in a hurry. Also, all of our research has shown that the most effective weight to almost double the holding power of vessels 30 to 60 plus feet is 30lb, so it will be more effective if it is heavier than your dive belt. Your dive belt will be damaged by being on the seabed and it has to be shackled on to your rope rode or chain. This would probably cause it wear and tear.

I have used two anchors at times, how much easier is using an Anchor Buddy anchor weight?

Two anchors take time to set and there is a high possibility that the rodes will twist as the wind goes round. It is also difficult to justify risking your second anchor as a weight, in case of further difficulties. If you have practised using the Anchor Buddy anchor weight in light winds, it is possible to put it on, or take it off, in just 30 seconds. It is a very simple twist-on procedure to attach or detach it.

Marketed in North America as Kiwi Anchor Rider