Fitting - Easy to attach, lower and retrieve

Simply twist it on when you need extra security - when it starts to blow - nospanners or shackles required!    
After you have anchored, and you are sure the anchor is holding securely, lower your Anchor Buddy as shown below. When you want to move your vessel, it is retrieved with its own rope, before you bring the anchor up.
  • Made in the finest quality materials and marine grade components
  • Die cast in zinc/aluminium compound (with enough aluminium in it to prevent it acting like an anode)
  • Assembled with Lanacote to prevent reaction between dissimilar metals
Model AB30 for boats 30 to 60+ft with rope anchoring, is shown here . . .


If you make sure the rope (or chain
if you have all chain) is taut, it is very easy to reach over the bow to put the Anchor Buddy on.
You may need to put the boat in slow reverse to do this.
Twist the Anchor Buddy onto the rope (or chain) If the locking lever is facing the anchor, it is on correctly. The locking lever needs to be fully closed to keep the rope (or chain) in the channel. Lower the Anchor Buddy with the Buddywarp. See how the angle of pull on the anchor, is changing. If you place it just off the seabed at low tide, then secure it, it will be off the seabed at all stages of the tide. It is most effective like this.

Marketed in North America as Kiwi Anchor Rider